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The following procedure steps you through embedding labels in a report.

  1. Right-click a report, and select Edit Template. The Report Template Editor displays.

  2. Add a filter-based query to the report using Tools > Add Query. The Add Report Query dialog box displays.

  3. Select a filter-based query to add to the product and click OK. For example, you could add a basic Filter Based Query to the report template.

  4. Name the query on the Add Query dialog box. For example, FBQ is the name of the added query in this procedure example.

  5. When you click OK, the software displays the Select Filter dialog so you can specify the appropriate filter for the report, then adds the new query to the Report Template Editor.

  6. You can use the CONSTANT property to further define the query. To add an embedded label, you add a CONSTANT as a string with a value of the label you want displayed in the report. For example, you could create LAB CONSTANT using a string value of [403] to tell the software to use the label value instead of the value returned by the query.

    • The square brackets [ ] around the label value are required. They signal the software at report runtime that the query value is not used "as is" but is actually a label that needs to be evaluated.

    • The software evaluates the embedded label for the object whose oid is included in the query. For example, for the 403 label, the oid of the pipe part needs to be part of the query. If not, the software ignores the label.

  7. On the Formatting tab, click Design Layout to open the report layout in Microsoft Excel. The new query CONSTANTs show up in the Design Layout hierarchy.

  8. You can drag-and-drop the query CONSTANT attributes as needed to define the layout of the report.

  9. Save your changes to the report template using either File > Save Report Template or File > Save Report Template As. For more information, see Save Report Template (File Menu) and Save Report Template As (File Menu).

When you run the modified report, the label CONSTANT is used to populate the report instead of the value returned by the query.