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Creates a manufacturing PinJig report for intersection points for association with a Drawings by Rule view. You can use this report when setting up a Drawing by Rule component to create Manufacturing PinJig drawings in the Drawings and Reports task. For more information, see the Orthographic Drawings User's Guide.

It is located in the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Reports\Types of Reports\ShipDrawings\Dependent View Reports\Mfg Pin Jig\XptPinOffset folder.


Identifies the XML code used to define the report.

Report tab

   Intersection point #XptPinOffsetReport::m_IntxPtName#

   Parent Remarking line - Horizontal #XptPinOffsetReport::m_HorRemarkLineParent#

   Nearest Pin's Row #XptPinOffsetReport::m_NearestPinRow#

   Nearest Pin's Column #XptPinOffsetReport::m_NearestPinCol#

   Offset on Jig floor - Horizontal #XptPinOffsetReport::m_RelOffset_X#

   Offset on Jig floor - Vertical #XptPinOffsetReport::m_RelOffset_Y#

   Nearest Pin's height #XptPinOffsetReport::m_NearestPinHeight#

   Distance between Intersection point and its upper position #XptPinOffsetReport::m_IntxPtHeight#