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To create report templates, you must be familiar with database query syntax and the data model in the software. You can use the SP3D Schema Browser to view the data model. The executable, MetaDataBrowser.exe, is delivered in [Program Folder]\Core\Tools\Administrator\Bin. You need to load the Programming Resources to access this executable. Programming Resources is available for download on Intergraph Smart® Support.

Typically, a reports designer creates the templates based on the content and format customarily used in the company or project. This task provides an interface to create or edit report templates.

A report template consists of several sub-template files that together control the data extracted from the databases, the supporting attributes needed, and the output format. The statements in the report templates search the databases and extract the most commonly sought after database information and display it in a useful manner.

The manner in which data is extracted from the database is controlled typically by a query template. The types of templates include report templates, label templates, query templates, query parameters templates, and formatting templates. The diagram below shows the interrelationships among the types of templates.

Another way to categorize the templates is by the type of access. Templates can be catalog report templates or personal report templates. You can define the location of personal report templates by clicking Tools > Options and selecting the File Locations tab. The Tools > Options command is available in most of the tasks in the software.

To view the delivered report templates and examples, see the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Reports\Types of Reports folder located on the application server computer. The reports in this location are catalog reports and are bulkloaded into the Catalog database. You can also copy reports directly into the Catalog database. When you copy a report to the Catalog database, the software creates a folder with the report name in the SharedContent folder. The software also creates all the files associated with the report in that folder. For more information, see Copy Report To Catalog (Report Shortcut Menu).

The delivered spreadsheet reports are defined and described in the Reports.xls workbook. For more information on the workbook, see the Drawing and Reports Reference Data Guide.

Customized .XLA files

If you have customized .XLA files that you want to use in your reports, you must deliver those .XLA files to the Symbols\Reports\Components for Reports\Addins folder on the symbol share. After you deliver your customized .XLA files to this folder, they will be automatically registered so that they can be used by your reports.

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