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The Schedule Wizard displays when you are configured to use batch scheduling, which is available for Update, Refresh, and Print. The Batch > Update Command, Batch > Refresh Command, and Batch > Print Command display on the shortcut menu when you select document(s) or components. You can submit an existing batch job request or schedule a new one. You can also multi-select documents within the Detail View.

Batch > Refresh Command is not available for Spreadsheet Report documents. Spreadsheet Report documents regenerate each time you run, update, or print the report. It is supported for all types of drawing documents.

If you access the Schedule Wizard for a document that already has a batch job scheduled, you can edit or delete the existing batch job. See Edit or delete batch jobs.

You can also manage your existing batch jobs with Tools > Batch Management Command. See Batch Processing Commands.

See Batch Schedule Wizard Common Tasks to walk-through the Schedule Wizard and set up batch updates. See Batch Print Schedule Wizard Common Tasks for information on batch printing.

See Style Tab (Properties Dialog) for information on setting the Batch timeout (in minutes) property on a drawing document

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