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The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 34. For the latest information, see Configure the Graphic View Control (GVC) and the Visualization Data Service (VDS).

How can I configure WebGL viewer files (.vecz) generation only for navigation file of 2D drawing files?

We recommend the following configuration particularly when regenerating the WebGL files for the navigation file (.igr) that are generated while extracting content from the Hexagon 2D file.

To generate a WebGL viewer file (.vecz) only for the attached navigation file (.igr), add a condition to the SPFFileTypeFileType relationship definition on the Hexagon 2D file type by completing the following steps:

  1. In the Desktop Client, click Find > Administration > File Type to open a list of all defined file type objects.

  2. Right-click on any required 2D drawing file type object, and click Edit Relationships.

  3. From the Related Objects column in the Edit Relationships for [Hexagon 2D file type] file window, select the .vecz file type object and click Maintain Attributes to update the object properties.

  4. In the Update window, select the condition IsFileHavingNavigationFile from the list of Alternate Rendition conditions in the Alternate rendition information details section.

    • If the IsFileHavingNavigationFile condition is enabled and no navigation file (.igr) is attached to a Hexagon 2D file, no WebGL viewer files are created.

    • The IsFileHavingNavigationFile condition is only applicable to Hexagon 2D file types with attached navigation files.

To generate WebGL viewer files for a large number of Hexagon 2D and 3D files, create and run a scheduled task in the System Administration feature set.

  1. Select the System Administration feature set and click Create WebGL Scheduler Task.

  2. In the Create WebGL Scheduler Task, enter the Task Name and Description in the Main details section.

  3. Complete the information needed based on what documents you want to generate files for:

    • If you want to generate WebGL viewer files for only specific documents - enter the criteria for the documents in the Search for Criteria section.

    • If you want to generate WebGL viewer files for all the Hexagon 2D and 3D files in the database - leave the fields in the Search for Criteria section blank.

      For more information, see Search for Criteria options.

      The Search For Criteria section allows you to provide values for various criteria based on which documents can be filtered for WebGL generation. You can select one or more of the following filter options to customize your search.

      Document Name - Name of the document for which WebGL scheduler task needs to be configured.

      Document Configuration - Shows the list of document configuration types, of which one or more can be selected for WebGL generation to filter the documents.

      Document Revision State - Shows the list of document revision states based on which documents are filtered.

      File Types - Shows the list of supported file types, of which one or more can be selected for WebGL generation. The list of supported file types are .dgn, .dwg, .igr, .InSMAFile, .pid, .sha, .sma, .spe, .vue, .zuf, .zyq.

  4. In the Task Details section, click Schedule Start Date & Time.

  5. Click SCHEDULE.

The scheduler task does not regenerate existing WebGL viewer files. You must set additional options to regenerate existing WebGL viewer files. For more information, see Regenerate WebGL viewer files in batch (retired).

SHARED Tip To simultaneously convert more than one 2D or 3D files to WebGL viewer files, you can configure File Service Settings for the corresponding site in the SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager. For more information, see File Service Settings node properties and Convert to WebGL viewer files in parallel.