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10.0 (2019)

The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 33 and SmartPlant Markup Plus Server 2019 SP 1 or earlier. For the latest information, see File viewing problems.

When you view a PDF in a Web Client, the PDF has more pages than when you view it in desktop software.


The PDF has attachments. By default, the Brava! Enterprise software automatically appends attachments to the PDF file when it is displayed in the browser.


Use the Loader Configuration Tool to modify the default configuration.

  1. Log on to the SmartPlant Markup server as an administrator.

  2. Go to this folder:

    [installation location]\SmartPlant\Markup\Brava! Enterprise\JobProcessor\Igc.Loaders

    If you are using a version prior to SmartPlant Markup Plus 2019 Service Pack 1, the folder is: [installation location]\SmartPlant\Markup\Blazon\Blazon Enterprise\JobProcessor\Igc.Loaders.

  3. Run loaders.configuration.exe.

  4. In the tree view, click Change Value.

  5. For the PDF2dl.dll executable, set the AppendAttachments parameter to False.

  6. Delete the files in the Brava! Server dlcache folder. This prevents illegible copies cached prior to the changes from being displayed.

    SHARED Tip You can click Clear Display Cache on the Actions menu of the file or document in the Web Client.

SHARED Tip For more information on using the Loader Configuration Tool, see the Loader Configuration Tool Guide. It is delivered to the following folder on the SmartPlant Markup server: [installation location]\SmartPlant\Markup\Brava! Enterprise\JobProcessor\Igc.Loaders. If you are using a version prior to SmartPlant Markup Plus 2019 Service Pack 1, it is delivered to: [installation location]\SmartPlant\Markup\Blazon\Blazon Enterprise\JobProcessor\Igc.Loaders.