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10.0 (2019)

The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 33 and SmartPlant Markup Plus Server 2019 SP 1 or earlier. For the latest information, see File viewing problems.


Non-Hexagon files do not open using View and Markup on a localized installation.

Common Cause

You might encounter this problem if your file names contain unicode characters (for example, $ or %). Apache Tomcat does not support unicode characters in file names by default. You must update the URIEncoding attribute in the server.xml file. Refer to the documentation at


Update the URIEncoding attribute.

  1. Log on to the SmartPlant Markup Plus Server as an administrator.

  2. Open the server.xml file delivered to the [installation location]\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat [version]\conf\ folder.

  3. Set maxHttpHeaderSize to "UTF-8".

  4. Save the file.