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10.0 (2019)

The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 12. For the latest information, see Configure reports.

You can relate methods, entry points, or reports to a reports feature set.

You can view the Reports feature set in Web Client by relating it with any one of the relevant methods, entry points, ad hoc reports, or summary reports.

Only a few reports are available in the Web Client by default.

To add a report to the report feature set, use the Manage Adhoc Reports method to relate it. For more information, see Expose Ad hoc reports in Web Client feature sets.

Reports are categorized by grouping and ordering for each and every feature set. For example, a document revision report is now available in the Documents feature set instead of the Reports feature set.

The following types of reports can be configured for use in the Web Client:

  • Saved reports to Excel, list views, and more from the Reports feature sets.

  • Summary report charts from tiles in the relevant feature sets.

  • Formatted Word reports on objects.

  • Visual intelligence reports on published and consolidated Hexagon models published Hexagon models (that are transferred to the Facilities Data Warehouse using Data Validator) within View and Markup.

All reports require a base report to be defined.

The reports for saved, summary, and formatted Word reports are defined using SmartPlant Report Administration.

  • You can view excel, excel (open XML), csv, csv repeated, list view, XHTML, word, and custom type reports in the web client.

  • Multiple saved, summary, and formatted Word reports can be built on top of the same base report.

  • The edit and view access to these base reports is configured in SmartPlant Report Administration. View access must be granted to the base report and is usually very open with specific access granted to the saved, summary, and formatted Word reports built on top.