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-The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 34. For the latest information, see Configure viewing of Hexagon drawings or models.

SHARED Tip If you have problems manually generating WebGL viewer files, verify that the default configuration has not been changed. For more information, see Problems generating WebGL viewer files.

Generate WebGL viewer files for all Hexagon 2D files in your SmartPlant Foundation database

Hexagon 2D file types include .igr, .pid, .sma, .spe, .sha, and .zyq.

  1. Log on to the Desktop Client as an administrator.

  2. Find the CreateRenditionsInBatch method.

  3. Right-click the method, and select Update.

  4. In the Update dialog box, set Rendition file type to FT_VECZ.

  5. Set File Types to the values representing the Hexagon 2D file types in your SmartPlant Foundation database:

    • FT_igr

    • FT_pid

    • FT_sma

    • FT_spe

    • FT_sha

    • FT_zyq

    If your database has more than one file type, use commas to separate the values.

  6. Click File > Create Renditions In Batch.

    Because the process can take a long time, a BatchWebFileGenTask-FT_vecz scheduled task is created for the file generation. When the tasks are complete, a notification appears in List of Notifications. To see the number of submitted files and any failures, click View Log File.

  7. If generation fails for individual files, correct any problems with the files, and then follow the steps below to generate WebGL viewer files for specific Hexagon 2D files.

Generate WebGL viewer files for specific Hexagon 2D files

You can generate WebGL viewer files at either the document or file level:

  • Right-click a document, and select Files > Generate 2D WebGL Viewer Files.

  • Right-click a file, and select Generate 2D WebGL Viewer File.