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SmartPlant Foundation and Web Client Modified and Retired Functionality

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10.0 (2019)

The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 30. For the latest information, see Download attached files.

  • Before Update 4, the Save Target As command in the Actions menu only allowed you to download master files.

  • Before Update 24, the download file size limit is set at 200MB and cannot be modified.

  • Before Update 27, the number of files downloaded was related to the default query page limit of 25.

  • Before Update 30,

    • the master file with its references and the individual files were downloaded together in a single zipped file.

    • If a file being downloaded already exists with the same name in the download location, the file name is appended with a sequence number. For example, if the file MyDoc.rtf exists in your download folder, when you download that file again, it will be saved as MyDoc(1).rtf. In order to upload the file, you must change the file name back to its original file name without the appended sequence number.