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10.0 (2019)

The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 33 and SmartPlant Markup Plus Server 2019 SP 1 or earlier. For the latest information, see Configure stamps and symbols.

Using View and Markup, you can add stamps and symbols to 2D non-Hexagon file types and to 2D Hexagon file types using markup rendition files. Stamps and symbols make it easier to conform to your company's standards. For example, you can add a Review - Acceptance stamp to a 2D DWG file during a document review process to approve changes to a drawing.

SHARED Tip For help with adding stamps and symbols to a markup layer using View and Markup, see the viewer's help. Keep in mind that the viewer's help might refer to functionality that is not available to you. For example, variable text expressions (tokens) are not available.

A stamps library (stamps.json) and a symbols library (symbols.json) are delivered with the software. These libraries deliver the most commonly used stamps and symbols. You can add or remove stamps and symbols from these libraries, customizing your experience.

What are stamps and symbols?

Stamps are commonly used in the document review process to indicate the status of an item.

Symbols are representative graphics typically placed on drawings to annotate content.

Stamps and symbols are XSP files, which is a third party proprietary file format. JSON files organize the XSP files into libraries, which are used by the Brava! Enterprise HTML Smart View Client to populate the stamps and symbols selections into the Web Client. For more information, please refer to the OpenText Brava! Enterprise Administration Guide.

For more information, see:

I am using a version prior to Update 10, how can I enable stamps and symbols?

You must follow the below steps if you are using a version prior to Update 10. These steps are not required for later versions.

  1. Open the SPFAppServer.config settings file for the Web Client site on the SmartPlant Foundation server.

  2. Add the following rows to the file, saving changes:

    <add key="BravaStamps" value="http://[myserver.mydomain]/[sitename]/content/stamps/stamps.json" />

    <add key="BravaSymbols" value="http://[myserver.mydomain]/[sitename]/content/symbols/symbols.json" />

  3. Extract the stamps and symbols folders in the Brava - Stamps and Symbols sample file to [drive]:\SmartPlant Foundation Server Files\SPFWebClient_Sites\[sitename]\content.

  4. Open the stamps.json file and update the rootURL property to http://[myserver.mydomain]/[sitename]/content/stamps/stamps.json. Save changes to the file.

  5. Open the symbols.json file and update the rootURL property to http://[myserver.mydomain]/[sitename]/content/symbols/symbols.json. Save changes to the file.

  6. To ensure all changes are implemented, perform an IIS reset or recyle your application pools.