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PDF file type generation support for the file types, such as .ssf, .brw, .isf, .spd (from the Smart Instrumentation 2016 or later versions) was removed in Update 26. We recommend you use Smart Instrumentation to generate a PDF for those file types.

Perform the below procedure for any file type supported by 2016 or older versions of Smart Instrumentation:

  1. Log on to the Desktop Client as a user with Engineer and System Administrator roles.

  2. Click Find > Administration > File Type.

  3. On the Find File Type dialog, type * into the Enter Name box and click OK.

  4. Select the file type you want to associate with PDF generation.

  5. Drag the icon for the file type onto the icon for the PDF file type.

  6. On the New Relationship dialog, click Maintain Attributes.

  7. On the Create dialog, enter the following command line into the Alternate Rendition Application box:

    updatectb.exe obj.Name $OUTPUTFILENAME