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10.0 (2019)

The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 7. For the latest instructions, see Assign roles to a user in a configuration.

Before Update 7, roles must be assigned to a user in the Desktop Client.

Manage role assignments

  • Click Administration > Configuration Role Assignment to display the role assignment GUI.

  • The GUI has two tabs:

    • Administration - Used to create and delete users and to select the sets of users, configurations, and roles for which role assignments are to be viewed and configured.

    • Role Assignments - Used to view and assign users to roles in configurations.

  • The user must first select the configurations, users, and roles on the Administration tab before moving to the Role Assignments tab to manage the assignments.

Select configurations, roles, and users for assignments

The Administration tab is used to select the configurations, roles, and users that are to be managed.

  • The GUI is initially displayed empty except for the configuration tree.

  • The roles available to the user to assign are dependent on the selected configurations. The roles a user can assign depend on the role of the current user in each selected configuration. (The current user is assigned a role in each configuration, and that role may or may not be able to manage other roles.) Only roles common to all configurations are displayed.

  • The associated users, when checked, will display the users currently assigned to these roles in the selected configurations.

  • You can press and hold the Shift key while selecting (or de-selecting) a configuration to select that configuration and all its sub-configurations. For example, you can select all configurations in ConfigurationTop or all projects in a particular plant. You can also use the Shift key to select a range of roles by pressing Shift and selecting the names of roles (not the check boxes).

  • Click Select Configurations (for Selected Users) to select the configurations in which the selected users have role assignments. This action updates the list of roles just like when you manually select configurations. This list only displays the roles that you have permission to assign in ALL the selected configurations. Note that this does not de-select any configurations already selected. The configurations are restricted to those in which you have permission to assign roles.

  • Click Select Roles (for Selected Users) to select the roles in which the selected users have role assignments in the selected configurations. Note that this does not de-select any roles already selected. This action only selects the roles in the list. There may be other role assignments in roles that you cannot assign.

Filter configurations

By default, only the active configurations are displayed. This is to prevent the GUI being overloaded by completed projects, for example. The current user may be setting up a new project and wants to assign users while it is in the initial created state. In this case, the configuration status filter will need to be changed to show created projects.

Select configurations

Select the configurations to which users are to be assigned. This populates the roles available to assign.

SHARED Tip To select all the projects under a plant at once, press Shift as you check the check box beside the plant.

  • To display the users already assigned to the selected roles in the any of the selected configurations, select the Show Associated Users check box.

  • To retrieve other users, use the query or find by using the menus available at the top left.

Select users

Select the users to which roles are to be assigned.

Make role assignments

Click the Role Assignments tab.

Make role assignments at the plant inherit into the projects

When making the role assignments, make sure the cells are selected so that they are in the inherit mode. The default display for this is a yellow-filled cell.

Make configuration independent role assignments

Users often need to create and manipulate data that is independent of any plant or project; this is referred to as configuration-independent data. All administration items, such as methods and menus, are configuration independent. Other data, such as system-wide folders and template documents, also need to be configuration independent. To be able to create and manipulate this data, users must have a role assignment to Configuration Top.

When making these role assignments, select the Configuration Top node of the configuration tree on the Administration tab, and then assign users to roles in this configuration.