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10.0 (2019)

The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 24. For the latest information, see Using the Pinboard.

Add objects to the Pinboard

You can bookmark your favorite objects by adding them to the Pinboard so they can be easily recalled and managed at any time.

SHARED Tip If a pinned item has properties that contain a URL, selecting the property opens the URL in a new browser window.

New items are automatically added to the Pins menu but must be added to the Pinboard for future use, as they are only available in a single session.

Pin or unpin items

There are several ways you can add items to your Pinboard:

  • From the Results table, select one or more items, and click ADD TO PINBOARD.

  • Select one or more items, and click Actions > ADD TO PINBOARD.

  • In an opened image or drawing file, select Pin on the item's hotspot bubble.

There are also several ways you can unpin items from your Pinboard:

  • Select Pins , go to on a row, and click Unpin UNPIN_PINBOARD.

  • Select Pins , go to at the top of the list, click Select items to unpin,select your items, and click Remove selected pins .

  • In an opened image or drawing file, select Unpin UNPINICON on the item's hotspot bubble.