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SmartPlant Markup Plus Version
10.0 (2019)

This functionality was removed in Update 33. Starting with Update 33, a new view control is used for View and Markup of certain file formats, mostly non-Hexagon.

To access a Brava! Enterprise Server from one or more application servers, the IP addresses of the servers must match those specified by the property. This property is in the file on the Brava! Enterprise Server. This file is delivered to [installation location]\SmartPlant\Markup\Brava! Enterprise\Brava! Server by default. For example, if is set to a wildcard IPv4 address such as 192.*, requests will only be accepted from servers with matching 192.* addresses. The default is set to the localhost IP address.

For more information on Brava! Enterprise Server and SmartPlant Markup Plus, see SmartPlant Markup Plus Installation and Setup. For a list of acceptable property values, see the OpenText® Brava!® Enterprise Administration Guide delivered to [installation location]\SmartPlant\Markup\Brava! Enterprise.