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10.0 (2019)

The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 33 and SmartPlant Markup Plus Server 2019 SP 1 or earlier. For the latest information, see Generate alternate rendition asynchronously.

This process step generates alternate renditions for files on an object asynchronously. If an alternate file is not generated within the specified timeout limit, the step fails. For example, if the PDF file is not generated in an external transmittal workflow, the step fails. The workflow proceeds to the Reject step, and the transmittal state is set to RESERVED. An acknowledgement step, AlternateRenditionFailed, is displayed in the To Do List.

SHARED Tip To append changemark notes to PDF files generated for non-Hexagon file types, set Arg1 to FileGenerateAlternateRendition and set the following parameters on the method:

  • Alternate Rendition File type to FT_PDF

  • Include markups to True

  • Include action pin details to True

  • The process step generates a PDF file through remote services for Hexagon file types and through a queue server for non-Hexagon file types. When the remote services are called for Hexagon file types, the timeout set on remote services is honored.

  • For non-Hexagon file types, SmartPlant Markup Plus Server is required to be configured in the system.

Process class name: GenerateAlternateRenditionAsyncStep,Arg1,Arg2


Arg1: Method name

Arg2: Timeout in milliseconds