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The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 33. For the latest information, see Configure PDF/CSF generation and batch printing.

If you are configuring PDF/CSF generation and batch printing, you must do the following.

Configure the remote service application pool

The user of the service account under which Remote Services runs must be added to the Administrators group before you can complete the following steps.

  1. Log on to the server where the Remote Services components are installed as the user of the service account under which these services run.

    By default, the user name is SPFRemoteServices. This is the shared user for all remote service application pools used by each site on the application server.

  2. Open all Microsoft programs associated with the file types you are using, and complete the software activation and user configuration process.

  3. Ensure that the user group SPFUsers has access to the remote service application pool's temporary folder with Modify rights enabled.

    By default, the folder is located at: C:\Users\SPFRemoteServices\AppData\Local\Temp.

  4. For each printer group, set the print service URL to the location of the Remote Services folder for your site (for example, http://[computer name]/SPFRemoteSvc/PrintService.asmx).

  5. Log off the server before completing any other tasks.

Verify the Main Scheduler is started

  1. Log on to the Desktop Client as an administrator on the application server.

  2. Click Find > Administration > Schedulers.

  3. Find the MainScheduler.

  4. Verify that the Enabled column shows True.

    If the Enabled column shows False, right-click MainScheduler > Scheduler > Start.