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10.0 (2019)

The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 33. For the latest information, see View and mark up files.

The Files > View and Markup command allows you to view design files. If SmartPlant Markup Plus is installed on your client computer, the file appears inside the View and Markup window with the SmartPlant Markup Plus commands available for viewing and marking up the file.

For more information about using the Markup commands, refer to the SmartPlant Markup Plus Help.

If the file is a master file, it can be viewed along with its nested references:

  • If the Show Nested Dialog parameter on the Navigate API is set to True, when the selected object contains one or more masters with associated reference files, a dialog box showing the nested structure of the reference files is displayed, allowing you to select the master and reference files to be viewed. If there are multiple masters but no reference files, a flat structure is displayed for selection. If there is only one master with no reference files, no selection dialog box is displayed.

  • If the Show Nested Dialog parameter on the Navigate API is set to False, when there are multiple masters, a flat structure is displayed. If there is only one master, with or without reference files, no selection dialog box is displayed.

  • To view Microsoft Office files, the software converts the files to Content Sealed Format (CSF) format. When viewing Microsoft Office files, the default viewer only uses the CSF file (not the original Microsoft Office files).

  • You can manually convert non-Hexagon file types (including Microsoft Office formats) to the CSF file viewing format by using the Generate View Rendition(s) command, provided your administrator has related the file type of the selected file to FT_csf.

  • If you select View and Markup on a file that does not have a related view rendition, one will automatically be created if the View Rendition Auto Convert option is configured by your administrator.

The Files menu with this command is available when you right-click certain objects.

  • The following auto convert scenarios require a scheduler task to generate a rendition. The rendition will be available if the task is processed.

    • Non-Hexagon file types using a custom application as the alternate rendition application.

    • Hexagon file types using dmredl or a custom application as the alternate rendition application.

  • The automatically converted rendition is placed in the Configuration Top.

  • There are limits to the number of drawings/documents that can be opened simultaneously. This limit varies by hardware and memory resources available on the end-user computer. We recommend to not open more than ten documents simultaneously.

  • You cannot navigate Smart 3D drawings until the 3D Model has been published.

  • For a list of supported file formats, see File Formats Supported in SmartPlant Markup Plus.

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