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SmartPlant Markup Plus Version
10.0 (2019)

This functionality was removed in Update 33. Starting with Update 33, a new view control is used for View and Markup of certain file formats, mostly non-Hexagon.

To view third-party files in the Web Client, you must set the BravaServer property on the primary site. This allows the application server to access the Brava! Enterprise Server, a component of SmartPlant Markup Plus Server. You must also set the BravaCacheLocation property to the Brava! Server dlcache folder location. This grants access to cached files for better viewing performance. You must also modify the BravaMaximumRasterDimensions and WebGLConversion.Timeout properties to suit your environment.

These properties are set using Server Manager on the application server, by selecting the primary site's node and clicking Settings.

BravaServer - Location of the Brava! Enterprise Server in the following format: http[s]://[BravaEnterpriseServerName.domain.com]:[PortNumber].

BravaCacheLocation - Location of the Brava! Server dlcache folder in a local folder path or UNC format (for example, \\SPMServer\dlcache).

You must grant the application pool identity user read and write permissions to the configured local or shared dlcache folder.

BravaMaximumRasterDimensions - Specifies the maximum height or width for raster graphics, in pixels. Raster graphics are scaled down if the number of pixels exceeds the specified value. Raster graphics are never scaled up. Resolution increases as the total number of pixels is increased. The default setting is 3500 pixels. Increasing this value may improve your viewing experience of files containing large numbers of objects, but performance might be degraded.

BravaPublishTimeout - Specifies a period of time, in minutes, that the Brava! HTML Client attempts to publish a file to PDF or TIFF before a time-out occurs. The default time-out is set to 4 minutes.