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10.0 (2019)

The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 34. For the latest information, see Configure viewing of Hexagon drawings or models.

Before you configure viewing for Hexagon file types, make sure that the SmartPlant Foundation File Server has the prerequisite hardware and software. For more information, see SmartPlant Foundation File Server platform recommendations. In particular:

  • Intergraph SmartĀ® Interop Publisher 2017 R2 must be installed on the SmartPlant Foundation File Server.

  • MicroStation V8i SS3 or RealDWG 2013 SP1 must also be installed on the SmartPlant Foundation File Server if the SmartPlant Foundation database contains any files of the following types that will need to be converted to BINZ files:

    • MicroStation V8 .dgn files (MicroStation)

    • .dwg files that contain proxy objects (RealDWG)

    SDx can open and display 2D files of these types when the native application is not installed. However, if you are converting 3D files to BINZ files for WebGL to display them in a browser, these applications are used to correctly generate the WebGL viewer files.