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10.0 (2019)

The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 33 and SmartPlant Markup Plus Server 2019 SP 1 or earlier. For the latest information, see File viewing problems.


CPU usage spikes to 99% after installing SmartPlant Markup Plus Server and starting the Brava! Job Processor service.

If you are using a version prior to SmartPlant Markup Plus 2019 Service Pack 1, the job processor service is called Blazon Job Processor.

Common Causes

This problem might occur if:

  • The Blazon Queue Server URL specified in the JobProcessor.config file does not resolve, causing the Brava! Job Processor to constantly poll the Blazon Queue Server for jobs.

  • SmartPlant Markup Plus Server is configured incorrectly for secure connections (SSL).

Solution 1: Test the Blazon Queue Server URL

  1. Log on to the SmartPlant Markup Plus server as an administrator.

  2. Open the JobProcessor.config file delivered to the [installation location]\SmartPlant\Markup\Brava! Enterprise\JobProcessor folder.

    If you are using a version prior to SmartPlant Markup Plus 2019 Service Pack 1, the folder is: [installation location]\SmartPlant\Markup\Blazon\Blazon Enterprise\JobProcessor.

  3. Copy the URL specified by the queue.url.2 property.

  4. Paste the URL into your web browser.

    You will get a HTTP Status 404 – Not Found error if the URL does not resolve and a queue is alive message if it does resolve.

Solution 2: Ensure Apache Tomcat and SmartPlant Markup Plus Server are correctly configured for secure connections (SSL)

For instructions, see Configure SmartPlant Markup Plus Server to use SSL (retired).