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SmartPlant Foundation and Web Client Modified and Retired Functionality

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10.0 (2019)

The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 34. For the latest information, see Configure the Graphic View Control (GVC) and the Visualization Data Service (VDS).

Make sure that the SmartPlant Foundation Application Server has the prerequisite hardware and software, as defined in SmartPlant Foundation Application Server platform recommendations.

Configure CORs on the SmartPlant Foundation Application Server

If the Web Client and SmartPlant Foundation Application Server are on different machines, you must configure CORS on the SmartPlant Foundation Application Server. This is required so that WebGL viewer files can be displayed.

To configure CORS, you edit the allowedOrigins setting in the SmartPlant Foundation Application Server’s web.config file to include the base URI of the web client domain. This allows requests from the Web Client server domain.

  1. On the SmartPlant Foundation Application Server, open the site's virtual directory web.config file for editing. The default file location is:

    C:\ Server Files\Web_Sites\[Sitename]\web.config

  2. Locate the intergraph.webApi > cors element, and edit the allowedOrigins value to include the machine and domain name of an allowed source of requests. For example:


    Setting allowedOrigins to * allows any server to request files from the Web Client. This can pose a grave security risk for your organization.

  3. Set the value of the allowCredentials setting to True. For example: