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10.0 (2019)

The following applies if you are using a version of the software before Update 34. For the latest information, see Configure viewing of Hexagon drawings or models.

To regenerate existing WebGL viewer files for a large number of Hexagon 2D or 3D files, create and run a scheduled task in the System Administration feature set.

SHARED Tip This is the same process as generating WebGL viewer files, but it uses additional options in the Create WebGL Scheduler Task.

In the Generate Options section:

  1. Select the System Administration feature set and click Create WebGL Scheduler Task.

  2. In the Create WebGL Scheduler Task, enter the Task Name and Description in the Main details section.

  3. In the Generate Options section, click Overwrite existing files.

  4. Complete the information based on what documents you want to regenerate files for:

    To regenerate WebGL viewer files for

    Do this

    All existing 2D and 3D files

    We recommend regenerating all existing 2D and 3D files so that all of your WebGL viewer files will have the same SPIOP Version number.

    Leave the Files created and SPIOP Version boxes blank.

    Only specific files

    Click Files created, select a date and time from the calendar, and choose whether you want to regenerate files created on, before, or after the chosen date and time.

    Only files that have WebGL viewer files created with a Smart Interop Publisher version less than or equal to the specific Smart Interop Publisher version

    Enter the Smart Interop Publisher version number in the SPIOP Version box.

    You must enter the Smart Interop Publisher version exactly as defined by the software. Otherwise,no files are regenerated. To find the version number, first find a file you know was generated with the version of Smart Interop Publisher you are concerned with. Click Actions > Show the details form on the file’s Actions menu.