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What happens when I approve a packing list?

When you approve a packing list, the supplier will get an email stating that the packing list has been approved. The supplier can then start the physical packing process as per the approved packing lists.

Can I edit a packing list after it is approved?

In general, you cannot edit a packing list if it is approved. The exception is with the Ready Date and Release to Forwarder date, which can be assigned or edited even for an approved packing list. If you want to edit any other information for an approved packing list, you can reverse approve the packing list to revert the approval. After making necessary changes you must again approve the packing list. However, when a package from the packing list is included in a shipment, you can no longer edit any information for that packing list.

Is packing list approval mandatory to start shipment?

Actually not. If you have SKIP PACKING PROCESS privilege, you can directly start creating the shipment and select the release notes on the fly. The approval process happens in the back end in that case.

  1. Navigate to the packing list that you want to approve.

  2. Click Approve.

  3. If required, type a comment in the Comments box.

  4. Click Approve.

    • You can only approve a packing list if its status is Submitted or In Progress(TC). After the approval, the status of the packing list changes to Approved and an email is sent to the supplier and the freight forwarder.

    • If you approve a packing list by mistake or you need to edit the packing list for any reason, you can click Reverse Approval to undo the approval. The supplier and the freight forwarder are again notified accordingly.

    • Whenever a supplier submits a packing list, the Forecasted Delivery Date for the item shipments (in routing methods) is updated with the Ready Date. If you change the Ready Date before approving a packing list, then the Forecasted Delivery Date is updated again with the new Ready Date on approval. The Forecasted Delivery Date is also updated with the Ready Date happens, when you acknowledge documents in a packing list.

Acknowledge documents in a packing list

After approving a packing list, you need to acknowledge all the attached documents. Until you acknowledge the documents to the supplier, you will not be able to release the packing list to the freight forwarder. However, if the project default ZP_ACK_DOC is set to Yes, then this document acknowledgment automatically happens in the background when the packing list is approved.

  1. Click Acknowledge Documents.

    • This option is only available after you have approved a packing list.

    • You will not be able to perform this task until you have acknowledged the individual documents.

  2. Enter comments and click Acknowledge Documents again.

    The supplier will not be able to edit any attachments after you have acknowledged the documents.

    SHARED Tip You can click Reverse Acknowledgement, if you want the suppliers to edit any attached document.

Release a packing list to the freight forwarder

You need to release a packing list to the freight forwarder for them to start the shipment process.

If the check box Packing List will be released for shipment is not selected, then you cannot release it to freight forwarder.

  1. Click Release to Freight Forwarder.

    • The Release to Forwarder date is automatically filled with the system date when you click Release to Freight Forwarder and can not be modified unless you reverse the release.

    • You will not be able to perform this task until you have acknowledged the individual documents.

    • Click Reverse Release to Freght Forwarder if you do not want the freight forwarder to begin the shipment process. This option is unavailable if some of the packages in the packing lists are already in shipment.

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