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Technical questions are usually defined by engineering and are related to requisitions and requisition line items, or to inquiries and their line items. The answers from the bidders on these questions are used in the bid evaluation and awarding process.

  1. In the Master Data navigation panel, select Procurement > Question List.

  2. In the Questions panel, expand the Bid Evaluation Questions node, and then click Technical Questions.

  3. Click Add Question Com_Add ICON.

  4. Type a unique sequence number in the Seq box, to define the display order of the questions in the Portal.

  5. Type the question in the Question box.

  6. Select an answer type from the list.

    Which answer type should I select?

    The answer type of a question controls the behavior when inserting the answer in the Portal. The available options are:

    Date - Requires a date value.

    Document upload only - Requires the upload of a document, but the user is not forced to provide an answer. If you select this option, the Mandatory check box is cleared and Document Required is set to Yes.

    Free Text - No restriction.

    LOV - Requires an answer from a select list (list of values - LOV). For this answer type, you must define a select list, using either of the following methods:

    • Enter a valid SQL statement on the Select List tab. The select statement must retrieve two values (see Define select lists).

    • Enter a list of valid values on the Select List tab (see Define select lists).

    • Select a value from the list in the Mapped to box. You select a P.20.01 or A.10.23 field to map it to the question. The answer is then filled into this field when the questionnaire is submitted.

      Multiple Answers - Requires the selection of pre-defined answer(s). You define a select list for this question in the same way as described above for the LOV type.

      Number - Requires a numeric value.

      Y/N - A select list with answers restricted to Y (Yes) and N (No). For questions with Y/N answer type you can define conditional questions (see Define conditional questions).

  7. If this question should not be displayed in the Portal, clear the Active check box

  8. Select the Mandatory check box if this question must be answered to submit the questionnaire.

  9. Select the Acceptance Required check box if the acceptance of this question is required to approve the company profile.

  10. Optionally, type additional information for this question in the Information box.

    This information is displayed when you click the Information icon in the Portal.

  11. Optionally, you can describe what kind of document is expected to be uploaded in the Document Description box.

  12. If the acceptance of this question is required, you can specify the criteria for the acceptance of this question in the Acceptance Criteria box.

  13. Select Yes from the Document Required list if a document must be attached to this question in case of an answer, for submitting the questionnaire.

    Alternatively, select Optional if it's not required to attach documents, but the sub-contractor should have the option to do.

    Or, select No if attaching documents to this question should not be allowed.