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With closeout activities, you specify a set of standard events that must occur before an agreement is considered closed. The closeout activities are assigned to the agreement in order to track and control activities to finalize and close the agreement.

  • Closeout activities are not available for Blanket Orders, Master Agreements, Notices of Commitment, and Notices to Proceed.

  • You can edit the closeout activities on all supplements of an agreement, even if the agreement is approved.

  • If the agreement is closed and the project default ZP_CONSCLS is set to Y, you cannot apply any changes.

Add closeout activities

  1. Click the Agreements task on the dashboard.

  2. Click an agreement number, and click Closeout Activities in the category panel.

  3. Click Add Closeout Activity Com_Add ICON.

  4. Type a sequence number in the Seq box.

  5. Select an activity in the Closeout Activity box.

    The short description, description, and attachment are populated from the selected closeout activity.

  6. Select the name of the person who is responsible for this closeout activity in the Responsible Person box.

  7. Click Save.

Delete closeout activities

  1. Select the closeout activity.

  2. Click Delete Closeout Activity ICON Remove.

  3. Click Save.

Complete closeout activities

If an activity is done, you can mark it as completed.

  1. Select the closeout activity.

  2. Select the Completed check box.

  3. Click Save.