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If supplier integration (via Jovix) is enabled and you have the ALLOW SUPPLIER INTEGRATION privilege, you can pass control of the agreement to the associated supplier

  1. Click the Pass To Supplier button, with these consequences:

    • A hint next to the supplier name indicates that the agreement is currently under control by the supplier.

    • The button label changes to Recall From Supplier. Clicking this button would recall control of the agreement back from the associated supplier, which may take some time because of the need for data synchronization.

    • Actions potentially affecting the item shipment quantity are not permitted, until the control is recalled from the supplier. This temporary limitation extends to quantity splits, splitting tagged items, and placing item shipments on an MCS, an IRC or a release note.

  2. To get control back, click Recall From Supplier.

    • Control is returned to the expediter, with a certain delay due to the necessary data synchronization.

    • Refresh the displayed data to see the changed status.