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On the Project Materials and Services tab, you can view and edit the materials and services that have been assigned to the supplier within the current project.

  1. Click the Companies task on the dashboard or select Companies from the Tasks list.

  2. Click Project Suppliers from the drop-down list.

  3. Select a supplier.

  4. To add a material or service, do the following:

    1. Click Add Project Material or Service Com_Add ICON.

    2. Click Material or Service Type Com_LOV_Add ICON and select a type.

    3. Click Material or Service Com_LOV_Add ICON and select a value.

    4. Click Save.

  • Alternatively, click Assign Project Materials or Services Com_Grid_Add ICON, select all values you want to assign, and click Add.

  • To remove project materials or services, select the record(s) and click Remove Project Material or Service ICON Remove.