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  1. Click Add Expediting Item Com_Add ICON.

    If project default ZP_VPAPRQ is set to Y, you must be assigned to the agreement as inspector to add or edit expediting items and milestones. Furthermore, you can only edit vendor progress data if Ready for Approval is not set. If ZP_VPAPRQ is set to N (default), there is no restriction in editing vendor progress data.

  2. Select Agreement, Requisition or Item Shipment to define the level where vendor progress shall be calculated.

  3. Click Next and click Save.

    SHARED Tip To remove the selected expediting item, click Delete Expediting Item ICON Remove.

  4. Click the Expediting Item.

    A detail grid is displayed where expediting item milestones are edited.

  5. To add a milestone, do the following:

    1. Click Add Milestone Com_Add ICON.

    2. If required, change the sequence number in the Seq cell.

    3. Click Label Com_LOV_Add ICON and select a milestone.

    4. Click Save.

  6. To add a pre-defined set of milestones, do the following:

    1. Click Add Milestone Set Com_Set_Add ICON.

    2. Select the appropriate set.

    3. If required, clear the checkbox of the milestones that should not be added.

    4. Click Add.

      Adding a milestone set will not touch existing milestones.

  7. Adjust all milestone weight factors to add up to 100%.

  8. Click Save.