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When would I create a manual agreement?

A manual agreement does not have any reference to an engineering requisition. This means, you can add any material to the agreement without a reference to a requisition or an inquiry.

If you want to use a manual agreement in Expediting, Traffic, and Site, you must switch the agreement type after the approval (see Switch manual purchase order type).

  1. Select As a manual agreement.

  2. Click Next.

  3. If necessary, enter or update the agreement number.

    SHARED Tip Alternatively, select a number rule and click Generate Number to create the agreement number based on the pre-defined number rule.

  4. Select the agreement type from the list.

  5. If necessary, update or enter any other value.

    SHARED Tip Alternatively, you can use another agreement as template to copy the header information from. Select Copy from existing agreement at the bottom of the screen, click Agreement Template Com_LOV_Add ICON and then select the agreement that should be used as a template.

  6. Click Create Agreement.