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Decline reasons are used in the Portal. If a bidder does not want provide a bid for an inquiry, he selects the I will not bid option and a decline reason.

  1. In the Master Data navigation panel, select Procurement > Closeout Activities.

  2. Click Add Closeout Activity Com_Add ICON.

  3. Type a unique activity name in the Closeout Activity cell.

  4. Enter the activity description in the Short Description and Description cells.

  5. If a document with the details of the closeout activity is linked to the activity item, enter the file name in the Attachment cell.

    The file must be placed in the directory that is assigned to project default ZI_WEB_COA.

    SHARED Tip To open the document, click the file name.

  6. Select the Default checkbox if this closeout activity shall be copied by default to a new agreement of type Purchase Order.

  7. Click Save.

  • To create a revision of a closeout activity, click Revise .

    The Revise button is only enabled for the highest revision of a closeout activity.

  • To delete select a closeout activity and click Remove Closeout Activity ICON Remove.