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After login to Smart Materials, the Dashboard is displayed as shown below.



Main Menu: Provides commands to change the active session role, discipline, language or theme, to view help or version information, to change password or log in, and to log off from Smart Materials.


Tasks drop-down list: Shows all tasks in Smart Materials to which you have access. Selecting a task opens the corresponding screen.


Dashboard: Clicking the button navigates back to the dashboard.

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Project Bar: The active project (or product group) is highlighted.

To change the active project, click another project on the Project Bar.

To activate a project that is currently not displayed on the Project Bar, click the drop-down list and double-click the project.

To change the project display order on the Project Bar, click the drop-down list, drag and drop projects in the Projects dialog and click OK.


Business Intelligence Report: Displays the Smart Materials Web link. Click the link to open Smart Materials Web. For more information, see Intergraph Smart® Materials Web Help (10.1).


View Reports: Can be used to start custom company reports. For more information how to enable the reports, see Enable View Reports List.


Dashboard: displays the available tasks. Clicking a task tile opens the corresponding screen.

For details on how to set the display of the tasks, see Configure the task display on the dashboard.

Smart Materials uses Intergraph's SAPPHIREä user interface.

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