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Can a price code be assigned to only one transport object?

No, a price code can be used multiple times and can be assigned to as many transport objects as required. A transport object can be a PPL, a packing list, a package, or a shipment.

  1. From the EML Management page, click the EML. The EML related information is displayed on the EML Details tab.

  2. Click the Price Codes tab.

  3. Click Tree View Tree_view to view the price code categories in a tree structure.

  4. Select the appropriate category.

  5. Click Add Price Code Com_Add ICON. A new record gets created.

    This option is only available for price code categories that do not have any sub categories under them.

  6. Enter the information for the price code in the newly added record and click Save.

    SHARED Tip To delete a price code, select the price code record and click Delete Price Code ICON Remove.

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