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The TE Completion date must be filled to be able to approve an agreement that has at least one line item for which a technical evaluation is required, this is, the TE Required checkbox is marked.

To perform the technical evaluation, you must have the TECHNICAL EVALUATION privilege.

  1. Click the Agreements task on the dashboard.

  2. Select an agreement that is not approved.

  3. Click the Pass TE button.

    • TE Passed is marked on all line items having the TE Required indicator set

    • TE Completion is set to the current date

  4. Alternatively, do the technical evaluation step-by-step as follows:

    1. Navigate to the Line Items section.

    2. On each line item where TE Required is set, select TE Passed and click Save

    3. Navigate to the Agreement Details > Status section.

    4. Enter the TE Completion date and click Save.