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All milestones included in the set will be used to track work progress for the associated planning items, after assigning the milestone set to a tagged item planning or requisition planning.

  1. In the Master Data navigation panel, select Procurement > Planning Setup.

  2. Click Milestone Sets.

  3. Click Add Milestone Set Com_Add ICON.

    Alternatively, click Copy Milestone Set , and change the set name.

  4. Type the name in the Milestone Set box.

  5. Type the description in the Short Description and Description boxes.

  6. Select Default to mark this milestone set as the default for the project.

    Only one milestone set can be specified as the default. If project default ZP_MS_CRT is set to Y, the default set will be used for automatic planning item creation during the MTO job execution if no milestone set is assigned to the requisition template.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Click Add Milestone Com_Add ICON.

  9. Click Label Com_LOV_Add ICON and select a milestone.

    Alternatively, click Create Milestone Com_Tag_New and proceed as described under Define milestones.

  10. In the Days cell, enter the number of days that it takes from this event to the following event.

    • Days should be zero for the last event.

    • These span days are used when the initial plan is calculated for a planning item, and when there is no actual date yet for a particular event to calculate the next forecasted date.

  11. Optionally, specify manhours for the milestone in the Manhours cell.

  12. Specify the milestone's weight factor in the Weight Factor 1 and Weight Factor 2 cells.

    Weight factors must add up to 100 within the set.

  13. If you define a milestone set with two phases, you must select First Pass to mark this milestone the end of the first phase of planning.

  14. For another milestone, you must select Second Pass to mark this milestone the beginning of the second phase of planning.

    For two-phase planning, you must select both check boxes. You can only mark one first pass and one second pass within a set, with the second pass later in the milestone sequence than the first pass.

  15. Repeat the previous steps to add further milestones, and click Save.