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When a supplier is not registered through Smart Materials Portal, you can send an invitation to the supplier for completing missing information in the Portal.

What is a supplier?

In Smart Materials, a supplier is a company that has a company type assigned which is marked as supplier.

  1. Click the Companies task on the dashboard or select Companies from the Tasks list.

  2. Click Portal Access Com_Portal_Access ICON.

    A window opens, displaying all companies that are not registered through the Portal.

    • Ticked Invited check box indicates that the company is already invited.

    • Ticked Valid Email check box indicates that a valid email address is specified which matches the selected communication type.

    • Ticked Primary Contact indicates that a primary contact person is specified for this company.

  3. In the first column, select the check box for all companies to be invited.

  4. Select a communication type from the list or use the default type.

    • The invitation email will be sent to the address defined for the selected communication type.

    • If no primary contact is defined, one of the invited users will be marked as primary contact.

  5. Click Invite Suppliers.

    The suppliers receive an email with a link to connect and credentials to login to the Portal.