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  1. Click the Agreements task on the dashboard.

  2. Select an agreement.

  3. Click the Approve button.

    If multi-step approval is required, see Perform multi-step approval.

    The Approve button is not enabled if any of the following apply:

    • The supplement is not the highest supplement of the agreement.

    • The agreement is closed.

      An agreement is closed, if the Closed date is set and the ZP_CONSCLS project default is set to Y.

    • The supplement is approved.

    • An approval sequence is defined for the supplement.

    • The agreement is a Notice to Proceed subcontract.

    • The project default ZP_ADV_APP is set to Y, and the Ready for Approval indicator is not set.

    • You do not have the required approval rights, that means, you do not have one or more of the following privileges:

      • NOC APPROVAL - required to approve agreements of type Notice of Commitment.

      • SM APPROVAL - required to approve agreements of type Subcontract, Work Order, Service Agreement, or Subcontract Notice of Commitment.

      • BO APPROVAL - required to approve agreements of type Blanket Order or Master Agreement.

      • PO APPROVAL - required for the approval of all other agreement types.

    • The ERP Managed check box is selected and you do not have the PROCESS ERP AGREEMENTS/REQS privilege.

      If any changes are applied to the selected agreement supplement, the Approve button is deactivated.