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Tagged items can be big and expensive, such as a tank or a compressor. This material is not necessarily delivered as one item. You can split the tagged item to track the individual parts separately.

The Split Tag option is only available if

  • the tag number is not UNTAGGED or ---,

  • the item type is TAB, TFM, TOM, TWM, or SWT,

  • and the tagged item is not a detail tag.

  1. Select the line item with a tag number you want to split.

    A tagged item is identified by an entry in the Tag Number box that is not '---' or 'UNTAGGED'.

  2. Click Split Position Com_Item_Split ICON and select Split Tag.

  3. Enter the number of splits you want to create.

  4. Click Split.

    The line item (master tag) is copied. The first split of a tagged item creates at least two detail tags.

  5. Click the split indicator SplitIndicator in the Pos cell to view the detail tags.

  6. Update the quantity of the detail tags in the Quantity cell.

  7. Click Save.