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On the Line Items screen, you can view the agreement line items. If the agreement is not approved, you can add, delete, and update line items.

  1. Click the Agreements task on the dashboard.

  2. Click an agreement number.

  3. Click Line Items on the category panel.

  4. To add new agreement line items, do one of the following:

  5. To edit the line item details, do the following (scroll to the right if necessary):

  6. You can click the Renumber button to renumber the positions of the line items.

    This button is not enabled on change orders (CO) because material must keep its position on a CO.

    What happens when I renumber line items?

    When you click this button, the CIP m_pck_po_custom.renumber_pos is executed. With the standard installation of this CIP, gaps between the positions of an agreement will be closed.

To delete line item(s), select the line item(s), click Delete Line Item ICON Remove, and click Save.