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If the project default ZP_EXPRULE is set to Y and pre-defined number rules are assigned to corresponding project defaults, numbers are automatically generated on creation of material certificate summaries, inspection release certificates, and release notes.

  1. In the Master Data navigation panel, select Procurement > Expediting Rules.

  2. Select a tab:

    • MCS Rules to define rules for MCS (Material Certificate Summary) creation.

    • IRC Rules to define rules for IRC (Inspection Release Certificate) creation.

    • Release Note Rules to define rules for release note creation.

  3. Click Add Rule Com_Add ICON.

  4. If required, change the Discipline.

  5. Type a unique code in the Rule cell.

  6. Type the rule description in the Short Description and Description cells.

  7. Click Rule Definition Com_LOV_Add ICON and select a value. Then, you can add any prefix and/or suffix.

    For example, the rule MCS-#000#-MAIN would result in numbers like MCS-001-MAIN, MCS-002-MAIN, and so forth.

  8. Click Save.

To activate the expediting rules, set project default ZP_EXPRULE to Y and assign the appropriate rules to project defaults ZP_IRCRULE, ZP_MCSRULE, ZP_RN_RULE.