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On the Insurance Certificates tab, you can manage the insurance certificates for the selected supplier.

The Insurance Certificates tab is only enabled if you select a supplier.

What is a supplier?

In Smart Materials, a supplier is a company that has a company type assigned which is marked as supplier.

  • To view general insurance certificates across projects for the selected supplier, select General from the View list.

  • To view project specific insurance certificates for the selected supplier, select Project Specific from the View list.

  • Mark Closed to indicate that all insurance certificates of the selected supplier in the login project are closed.

Create insurance certificates

  1. Click the Companies task on the dashboard or select Companies from the Tasks list.

  2. Select a supplier.

  3. Click Project Details and Performance.

  4. To create a project specific certificate, select Project Specific from the View list on the Insurance Certificates tab. Otherwise, select General.

  5. Click Add Certificate Com_Add ICON.

  6. For a project specific certificate, select the Agreement Number.

  7. Type the number of the insurance policy in the Policy Number cell.

  8. Enter the policy value in the Value cell and select the Currency.

  9. Optionally, enter the date when the certificate was issued in the Received Date cell, the policy effective date in the Effective Date cell, and the policy expiration date in the Expire Date cell.

  10. If applicable, mark Named Insureds Satisfied and Waiver of Subrogation Provided.

  11. If the certificate has been accepted by the buyer, select Accepted.

  12. On the Description tab, you can type the certificate Short Description and Description.

  13. On the Contact Details tab, you can enter the name of the insurance carrier in the Carrier box, the contact person at the insurance company in the Contact box, and his phone number in the Telephone box.

  14. Any additional information about the certificate can be entered on the Notes tab.

  15. To attach documents to the insurance certificate, go to the Documents tab. For more information, see Attach documents to insurance certificates.