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Many of the item shipment information can be edited for all agreement item shipments in a single step.

  1. If you do not want to update all item shipments of the agreement, filter the item shipments.

    Only displayed item shipments will be updated.

  2. Click Bulk Edit Com_Bulk_Edit ICON.

    A dialog opens where the number of item shipments that will be updated is displayed in the footer.

  3. Enter the values you want to update.

    • A check box filled with a black square MixedCheckbox indicates that the status auf the check box will not be changed.

    • To remove data, click Delete Value next to the relevant box.

    • To reset entered values, click Reset.

  4. Click Save, and close the dialog.

    The editable fields of the displayed item shipments are updated with the entered values.

    Which values cannot be updated?

    Generally, only values that are updatable in the grid can be updated using bulk edit.

    Prom Contract and Prom Ship can only be updated if project default ZP_EXPDATE is set to N.