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Why do I need to create a screen configuration?

You will need to create a screen configuration so that you can control the display of Smart Materials Portal screens and the fields in those screens according to your user's requirements.

What is the difference between creating a screen configuration and defining a screen configuration?

When creating a screen configuration, you create a place holder for the configuration, and when defining the screen configuration, you choose to show or hide the screens or the fields on the screens of Smart Materials Portal.

  1. From the Master Data navigation panel, select Portal Administration > Screen Configuration.

  2. On the Screen Configuration page click Add Configuration Com_Add ICON.

  3. On the Details page, type a unique name in the Name box and then, select a task from the Task list.

  4. Optionally, select Copy from an existing configuration check box. All the screen configurations assigned for the selected task are displayed, click one of them.

  5. Optionally, type the details of the configuration in the Comments box.

  6. Click Save and click Next to define the configuration (see Define a screen configuration).

To edit, select a configuration on the Screen Configuration page. Note that you cannot change the Task for the existing configuration.