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To bulk-edit planning items in a grid, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the Planning task on the dashboard, or select Planning from the Tasks list.

  2. Select Group by - Type from the list on top of the Planning Items panel.

  3. Select the Requisitions or Tag Numbers node to view the corresponding planning items in a grid.

  4. Edit the values as required.

  5. Scroll to the right to view the Properties section, and edit the property values as required.

    The Properties section is only available if any properties are assigned to the planning item type.

  • To copy existing planning item(s), select the record(s), click Copy on the context menu, click Insert copied rows on the context menu, update the new planning items the make them unique, and save.

  • To create a new planning item, click Add Planning Item Com_Add ICON, enter all mandatory values, enter optional values if required, and save.

  • To delete existing planning item(s), select the planning item(s), and click Delete Planning Item ICON Remove.