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  1. Select a job with status NEW and click in Job Code.

  2. On the Job Details screen, click Start Job.

  3. A message appears, click Yes.

  4. When the job is finished, check the result in the Execution Summary box.

    The user who run the job is displayed in the Job Start User box, the job start and end time in the Job Start Date and Job End Date boxes, and the log file with the entire path in the Log File box.

  5. To view the log files do the following:

    1. Click Show Logs.

    2. To search the log file for a specific string, enter the string in the Search box and click . To consider upper and lower case, select Case Sensitive.

    3. Click Error Log to view the error log file.

    4. Optionally, click Send Email to send the log file(s) to your email address.

    5. To send the log file to other address(es), enter valid email address(es) in the Email Address box.

SHARED Tip Click Reload Refresh to refresh the job data.