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If project default ZP_VPAPRQ is set to Y, vendor progress must be approved before the workflow can continue. Only users with the VENDOR PROGRESS APPROVAL privilege can approve. After approval, only users who are assigned to the agreement as expediter can edit vendor progress milestones.

  1. Click an Expediting Item.

  2. Select the Ready for Approval checkbox and click Save.

    • An email is sent to the expediter who is assigned to the agreement, to notify about pending vendor progress approval. The email is created based on the email template that is assigned to project default ZP_EMT_VP.

    • Vendor progress details are no longer editable.

  3. Click Approve.

    The name of the login user is entered in the Approved By cell and the current date in the Approved Date cell.

  4. If reverting of the approval is required, click Reverse Approval.