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The final approval of an agreement is required in case of a multi-step approval procedure, to complete the approval procedure.

  1. Click the Agreements task on the dashboard.

  2. Select an approved agreement.

  3. Click the Final Approve button.

    The Final Approve button is only enabled if

    • the supplement is the highest supplement of the agreement

    • an approval sequence is assigned to the agreement (multi-step approval)

    • all approvers on the approval sequence have approved the agreement

    • the supplement is not finally approved

    • the agreement is not closed

    • the agreement is not a Notice to Proceed subcontract

    • you have the necessary Approval privileges

      Depending on the agreement type, you must have the following privilege(s) to approve an agreement:

      • NOC APPROVAL - required to approve agreements of type Notice of Commitment.

      • SM APPROVAL - required to approve agreements of type Subcontract, Work Order, Service Agreement, or Subcontract Notice of Commitment.

      • BO APPROVAL - required to approve agreements of type Blanket Order or Master Agreement.

      • PO APPROVAL - required for the approval of all other agreement types.

    • the ERP Managed check box is selected and you have the PROCESS ERP AGREEMENTS/REQS privilege