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Login requests submitted by suppliers in the Portal can be edited as described below.

  1. Select a company.

    The login request details are displayed.

    SHARED Tip If the company is already registered, you can click Company Details in the Company section to open the Company screen (see Edit company details).

  2. Edit data if required.

  3. In the Code of Conduct section, view the code of conduct status of the selected supplier.

    If the supplier has accepted the code of conduct in the Portal, Accepted is shown in the Status box and the name of the user who accepted in the Accepted By box.

  4. If required, you can set the status to Accepted on behalf of the supplier.

    Alternatively, you can set the status to Exception to allow the supplier to finalize the questionnaire without accepting the code of conduct.

  5. To add a company address on the Addresses tab, do the following:

    1. Click Add Address Com_Add ICON.

    2. Click Address Type Com_LOV_Add ICON and select a type.

    3. Enter Address Line, City, and Zip.

    4. Click Country Com_LOV_Add ICON and select the company’s country.

    5. Optionally, enter Address Line 2.

    6. Optionally, click State/Province Com_LOV_Add ICON and select the appropriate state or province.

      SHARED Tip To delete the selected address, click Delete Address ICON Remove.

  6. To add a company contact on the Contacts tab, do the following:

    1. Type a unique user identifier in the User ID box.

      The user ID is needed for the Smart Materials Portal login.

    2. Select Primary Contact if the contact will be the primary contact of the company.

      You can define only one contact as the primary contact.

    3. To deactivate a contact, select Deactivated.

      • A deactivated user cannot login to the Portal.

      • The primary contact cannot be deactivated.

    4. Enter Last Name, First Name, Position, Department, Telephone and Email.

    • The client user ID is automatically set by the software in the Client User ID field and cannot be entered manually.

    • The Password Set indicator shows, if the user has specified a password.

  7. To change user password on the Contacts tab, do the following:

    1. Select a user and click Manage Password in the last column.

    2. Type the contact's current password in the Old Password box.

    3. Type the new password in the New Password and Confirm Password boxes.

    4. Click Change Password.

  8. Click Save.