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The results and progress for the labor budgets of all planning groups can be viewed. You can assign multiple planning items (planned requisitions and planned tagged items) to the same planning group and give each of them up to two budgets. If you have assigned budgets also to the respective planning group, progress is calculated for all finished milestones and the budget results are displayed here.

The progress is illustrated by different figures which are described in more detail below. Most of the figures are based on calculating the degree of completion of the planning items associated with the respective planning group for either budget. Calculation is as follows: Each milestone has two weight factors, one related to the first and another one related to the second budget. For each planning item associated with a planning group, the values of the respective weight factor are first summed up for all finished milestones. The result is then multiplied with the corresponding budget of that planning item and finally divided by 100. This yields one value per planning item describing the degree of completion with regards to the respective budget.

  1. Click the Planning task on the dashboard, or select Planning from the Tasks list.

  2. Select Group By - Planning Group from the drop-down list.

  3. Select a planning group in the tree to view its budget results on the right.

The budgets assigned to the planning group are displayed under Planning Group (Labor Budget).

The weighted sums for the labor budgets are calculated as the sum of corresponding degrees of completion of all planning items associated with the planning group, and displayed under Weighted Sum.

The progress of a planning group with respect to either of its labor budgets is calculated as the quotient of the weighted sum for the respective labor budget and the respective labor budget defined for the planning group itself. The resulting value is then multiplied with 100 to obtain a percentage. The labor budget progress is displayed under Planning Group (Progress).

The Req/Tag Sum > Labor Budget 1 (2) value is calculated by summing up labor budget 1 (2) across all planning items associated with a planning group.