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If project default ZP_SMINCPO is set to N (default), the Notice to Proceed Details panel is only displayed for notice to proceed (NTP) agreements of type subcontract and for orders that were created based on a notice to proceed. If ZP_SMINCPO is set to Y, this panel is also enabled for NTP agreements of type purchase order.

The date when the notice to proceed was created displays in the Notice to Proceed Date box and cannot be changed.

  1. Click Notice to Proceed Details on the category panel.

  2. Click Expiration Date Com_DateAndTime ICON and select the date when the validity of the notice to proceed expires.

  3. In the Commitment Limit box, type the limit of the committed value.

    With the commitment limit you define the value up to which a supplier or subcontractor can proceed with his work as long as no final agreement has been issued. This value can only be used as information for the supplier or subcontractor; there is no further check in the downstream workflow for this value.

  4. Type the scope of the notice to proceed in the Scope box.